Use Technology To Track Learning & Progress

Engaging Video Sessions To Hold Players Attention

Custom Tools & Resources After Each Session

100% Independent Education For Players

Develop Crucial Life Skills That Go Beyond Football

Translate Financial Lingo Into Football Language



The Football Finance Academy is on a mission to reinvent the way personal finance is taught to players. We distil the world of personal finance down into the most relevant topics for academy players. 

Our lessons are designed to inspire players to take action, by giving them tools, strategies and resources they can use immediately to improve their money habits.

Mastering your finances is a valuable life skill that will benefit players throughout their lives, regardless of how far they go in football.

Our 5 part digital speaker series covers the most important areas of personal finance including:

✅ Financial Goal Setting

✅ Saving

✅ Spending

✅ Life’s Big Financial Decisions (ie. Houses, Cars, Credit Cards)

✅ Investing

✅ Pensions



The Financial Literacy Gap In The Traditional School System 


Boring Teaching Methods With A Refreshing Coaching Style Aimed At Youth


A Modern Financial Literacy Program Using Technology To Enhance Learning & Track Progress

The Football Finance Academy blends a mix of stories, stats, case studies, quizzes and exercises to keep players engaged and make learning about finance as entertaining as possible.

We use the TED TALK timing methodology in order to avoid information overload, and maximise what information players retain during each video.

Players will be supported with custom tools and resources after each session, to help them make impactful changes to their financial habits in real life.

The course is designed to empower players with the knowledge and skills to manager their own money. We help them develop and build a financial system that runs on autopilot so they can spend more time concentrating on other things in life, knowing their finances are taken care of.


✅ 9 total videos (roughly 18 minutes each)

✅ Individual logins for each academy player

✅ Unlimited support for duration of the season

✅ Quizzes after each session

✅ Reporting and analytics for clubs 

✅ Q&A Webinar at the end of the season

✅ Optional 1-on-1 coaching to continue learning


✅ Inspire players to understand the importance of financial literacy 

✅ Highlight the impact that financial education can have on their lives 

✅ Give players the tools to take immediate action to improve their financial futures 

✅ Have a “get rich slowly” philosophy based on trusted money & investment principles 


❌ Manage, invest, or touch players money, we teach them to manage their own

❌ Advise players to buy specific products, we explain the advantage and drawbacks of each 

❌ Harass players to sell additional products or services

❌ Offer a “get rich quick” method or any other version of snake oil advice

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Saving & Spending
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Assets And Liabilities
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll



The Football Finance Academy Series


  • Full access to all video content
  • Access for 1 team (U18 or U23)
  • Access for the full Season (i.e. 8 months)
  • Quizzes after each section

The Football Finance Academy Series


  • Full access to all video content
  • Access for 2 teams (U18 & U23)
  • Access for the full season (i.e 8 months)
  • Graded quizzes
  • Certificate
  • Unlimited support for 8 months
  • Q&A Webinar at the end of the season
  • Club branded digital classroom
  • Course compliance (limit progression to next video until previous video is complete)
  • Reporting & Analytics on player progress